Our Program

How it works

Based on your personal situation, we’ll set up one monthly payment deducted automatically out of your checking account, based on your direction. We will handle all your creditors.

We will handle all calls from your creditors so they stop hassling you. All written correspondence can be forward to us if you prefer.

We will then negotiate with your creditor on your behalf and ultimately, in most cases, get a settlement offer for 58% (average) less than what you owe.

We can get settlement offers that the typical consumer cannot get on their own because:

  • We know the system. We have expert negotiators and/or attorneys on staff, (depending on your state).
  • We offer bulk settlements for many accounts at a time, and thus can speak with more senior management by offering many thousands of dollars at once.
  • We know WHO to speak with and have relationships in place.

Fresh Start Financial

This is the end result. You are informed of all settlement offers made by your creditors and given the opportunity to accept or refuse. Once paid, you no longer owe a penny… you have a remaining balance of ZERO!

We Follow Simple Steps To ensure results

First, compare your 5 options: