Minimum Payments

Minimum Payments

The United States is based on debt.

Capitalism depends on people increasingly spending money. Advertisers spend millions on making you want things, and creditors have carefully worked to lay a trap and make it all affordable.

Add to this trap the things you really need: work, and transportation to work, food, clothing, a roof over your head, and essentials of life for your family or household. As these things become more expensive, oftentimes the income doesn’t keep up.

Recently, creditors have successfully lobbied to get new laws passed that keep you in debt longer than ever. Why? To turn you into a cash stream. It’s nothing personal – just business.

You're a pawn in their game.

Compare our plan vs. their plan. Your creditors will work tirelessly to keep you a cash stream – and perhaps they have already offered a “workout program” or troubled accounts department. These are just more steps to keep you playing their game. There’s a better way: Fresh Start Financial.

Our Plan

Who’s rules are you playing by? Modern credit card mathematics allow for high balance debt repayment schedules as long as 83 years. How old will you be in 83 years? The longer the creditor can keep you debt, the more money they make.

If you are already late on any credit cards or unsecured debts, you may have recieved calls from the credit card company to work something out. Beware of these ploys to keep you in their game.

While this sounds a bit melodramatic, it is just capitalism. The credit card companies don’t mean you poorly, they simply want to make as much money as possible off you. That happens by them making credit available, which you didn’t have to accept.

If you have accrued other types of unsecured debt such as medical debts or term loans, Fresh Start Financial can help you negotiate those down in most cases. We can also bring down collections of any type in most cases, and more.