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When You Become an ECI Client
We Make Sure the Harassment Stops!

DAAN ModuleAre you sick and tired of those harassing phone calls? What if you could hire an attorney and every time one of those annoying creditors called you, you could hit a button and immediately transfer them to an attorney?What would a dream service like that be worth to you and your family? Wouldn't the peace of mind knowing the calls have stopped be almost invaluable? Well now you can have it and you won't have to pay thousands in legal fees to an attorney either.

Introducing DAAN the Debtor Activated Attorney Notification system. A unique telephony system that redirects those nasty calls to a legal call center letting your creditors know that you have hired professionals and to quit harassing you.

You see, federal law prohibits collectors from calling debtors once professionals have been hired and an attorney is retained, but collectors don't immediately know that has occurred so the calls often continue. That's where the Debtor Activated Attorney Notification system, DAAN, is designed to help.

In less than 30 seconds, the transmitter module automatically informs the caller that you are now represented by professionals and provides the contact information to the attorneys at the legal call center and politely advises the caller not to call back under penalty of law. It also captures the date and time of notification and sends the information to the attorneys. Any further phone calls from the same creditor could result in you being awarded $1,000 in damages.

The DAAN system is only available for lease by lawyers and debt-management professionals. Fresh Start Financial, Inc. is an authorized leasing agent of the DAAN system.

That's right, you hire us, we cut your debts saving you thousands and we make ALL THE CALLS STOP!

Ask your Fresh Start Financial, Inc. Representative today about this powerful service.


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