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With over 25 combined years in the debt settlement industry, Fresh Start Debt Settlement & Financial Services is dedicated to helping those who are going through financial hardships or who are in need of financial help. Fresh Start is located in St. George, Utah. Our attorneys have been settling debt since 1998 with over 27,000 active clients. Whether it is high interest rates that never allow you to pay down balances, high balances that would take years to pay off, or even the inability to keep paying minimum payments; Fresh Start is there to help you and your families achieve financial freedom.

So...If you’re looking for help, look no further. We here at Fresh Start can assure you that you are getting the right advice from the right company. Fresh Start has some of the highest retention rates in the industry. Our negotiation department is currently settling tens of millions of dollars in debt with hundreds of creditors nationwide. The relationship we have with your creditors is great. Furthermore, we are a family owned and operated company that understands what "customer service" really is. You will simply receive the best service anyone could ever expect...Fresh Start service.

So, go with the company that cares and achieve financial freedom today!

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